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“Our dog knows the minute we turn down the drive where we're headed and the tail starts a-waggin' and the "I want to get out and play" barking commences. We love Sandy's Pet Service!"

-Kalleen H.

"Her facility is super clean, just the perfect amount of space to keep a good eye on them but let them be themselves and play. Her love and kindness is absolutely genuine. We had a worry free vacation. As they say the eyes never lie and our pups had the time of their lives and were well loved. We will definitely be visiting her again in the future."

-Margaret S.

"Sandy takes care of our pets often. I have been to her facility numerous times and am always impressed with her site and professionalism."

-Tracie F.

"My dogs love going to Sandy's's very clean and she gives them a lot of attention. My senior dog especially likes the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. They seem happy and most importantly not stressed when we pick them up."

-Nancy D.

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