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Dog Boarding at Sandy's Pet Service

We offer overnight and extended-stay dog boarding. Drop your dog off before vacation, or bring your pup while your home is being renovated! We have a boutique dog kennel, which means your dog gets closer attention and more outside time. While under our care, we keep them on a routine.


Our routine: We let your pups out in our fenced-in yard first thing in the morning. Next, we serve breakfast (The food you bring with your dog during drop-off). Later in the day, at noon, your dog will be let out again for playtime to let all their energy out. Another playtime is scheduled before dinner (food provided by you). Then, before sleep, we let them out to potty, play soothing music, give them a treat, and then lights out at 8:30.

Playtime: Let us know when you drop your dog off if you have a social pup or a more reserved one. We alter playtime based on which dogs get along with which to ensure your dog's safety.

To begin this process, please fill out the form below! After you complete the form, I will organize a tour and introductory meeting with your pup!



*Breed restrictions include No Pit bulls, Bullmastiffs, Pit-bull mixes, Rottweilers, or Dobermans.

*Dogs must be spayed/neutered and receive monthly heartworm and flea prevention.

*All dogs must be housebroken. No biters or snappers.

*Required vaccines: Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella.

*The facility provides cots, blankets, and bowls. The client must bring food, toys, and treats (NO RAWHIDES).

*We do not administer injected medication.

*We do not provide grooming services.


Top-Rated Pet Boarding Facility on Facebook, Google, & Yelp.

  • Climate-controlled atmosphere (Heated & air-conditioned)

  • One-on-one playtime 

  • Socialization optional  

  • Secure fenced-in area 

  • Larger kennels available

  • Sleeping cots available if needed

Note from the owner:

Hi there! I am Sandy Mills the owner/operator at Sandy’s Pet Service.


I take immense pride in running a safe and comfortable environment for your special pup. At Sandy’s Pet Service, your pup receives more attention and exercise than larger-sized kennels. 


You can make a reservation below or email me directly at 

Please check out my Facebook page: Sandy’s Pet Service Concord, NC.



Day Care


Reservation Request
Dog Information:
Reservation Information:

Please acknowledge. This form is used as a request. Confirmation is required for this reservation to be booked. Sandy will reach out directly to book. If you have not gotten this call within 3 days, call 704-920-8253.


Please check the box below that you understand this form does not confirm that your reservation is booked.

Thanks for submitting! Sandy will be reaching out to book your reservation.

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The Facility

  • 5 medium kennels

  • 3 large kennels

  • Fenced-in area to play

  • State-licensed 

  • Heated and air-conditioned

Inspection Results: Very clean facility, odor-free and well-maintained

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