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Q: What is boarding?
A: Sandy's Pet Service will care for your dog for an extended time. This is different from home visits because you bring your dog to our facility instead of us coming to your home and taking care of your pet.

Q: What special services are offered through Doggy Daycare?
A: At doggy daycare, we offer socialization and training! During the Holiday season, we also offer Pet Portraits and other mementos.

Q: What should I bring with me when I drop my dog off?
A:  (There is a printable sheet with this information in the forms section of the website)
1. Leash and Collar with up-to-date identification
2. Any medications/supplements your pet needs
3. Pet food (preferably portioned into single-serve ziplock bags)
4. Chews/Treats
6. Your pet's favorite toys
7. Towels/Bedding that will fit in a regular-size washing machine
8. T-shirt or item that smells comfortingly like their owner

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